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For American Eagle, Rivers & Christian designed a two-phased project. The first phase, completed in 2011, upgraded and joined two former UAL Commuter Terminals, one of which had been designed by Rivers & Christian in the early 80's, by infilling the space between the structures. The second phase of the project, provided for ten contract gates, additional holdroom areas, Airline Administrative space, Admirals Club and concession area, with interiors and exteriors modified to provide a common design theme throughout. The removal of all temporary buildings from the site and relocating the baggage and administration areas into permanent structures. Both phases of the project received City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Commission design approval and complied with the first version of the Los Angeles World Airports evolving Design and Construction Handbook.

Rivers & Christian was able to plan, design, and have constructed a replacement facility for American Eagle in ten months. The resulting facility contains curving ribbon ceiling panels and upgraded finishes, expanded restrooms, concessions, and holdrooms. Offices for Flight and Administrative functions were created to support six contact gates for regional jets. The baggage sort facility was housed in a “sprung” structure, moved to the site from Tom Bradley International Terminal and the administration areas were housed in modular buildings.

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